About Me

I am not a fan of the "about me" sections on pages because it renders me wordless!  I love reading what other people have to say but as for what I have to say, honestly, do you really care? :)

I never seem to know what it is about me that people will want to know. I am a mother of 2 kids that are growing up way too fast. It all happens in a flash and I wish I could find a way to preserve them as they are right now.  Of course they totally disagree.

I am a Kindergarten teacher as well- I don't consider this as a job most days because it is so incredibly FUN! There are days where it is work no doubt but it is enjoyable.

Blogging is new to me and I am hoping from time to time I will post a project that will inspire ideas for someone else! I have done plenty of lurking and reading other blogs, plenty enough to be inspired to do my own projects.  Of course, I am inspired but my delivery never seems to be quite what others can do!  hence the title, Crafting Misfit.

Among my other hobbies are reading, Facebook (I spend enough time there that I should consider it a hobby!), travel planning, bargain hunting, camping, travel (although as a teacher there isn't much money for that!), researching pretty much anything (I am a total GEEK!), I am on the board for our time share association and I love doing work for that, and a ton of other things!
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