Monday, August 27, 2012

Step Card

Excuse the poor lighting in the photo!

The first time I saw a step card I thought "WHOA! There is NO way I can do that!"  Turns out I was so wrong.  These are the easiest things to make!  The hardest part is picking how to decorate it :)!

I try to use things in my craft room that collect dust... like my rubber stamp collection.  So I found this stamp and viola!

What is your favorite kind of card to make?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dog Lover Sign

I made this sign for my sister and brother in law.  Moses, their Dachshund is their life.  I cut the dog from the Paisley cartridge.  The letters are done in vinyl on the glass. 

It was an inexpensive yet personal gift, less then $15!

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

ProvoCraft you are KILLING me!

Ok... where to start...

These are made with Noah's ABC Animals cartridge

Today I worked for a couple hours at our local craft store to demo this new cartridge.  Here are a couple of the animals I made before the demo.  (All the ones that were made at the demo went home with kids... and the kids LOVED this table!)

ProvoCraft is getting into the 3D side of things which is super fun if you have a good use for things.  The entire time I played with this I kept thinking about all those dioramas my kids were creating in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  These would be perfect!  

However, I feel like the layers are getting crazier and crazier with the newer cartridges.  The learning curve is steep!  It takes a long time to create one of these guys, so I will need to get more practice with them I guess.  On some of the animals I just plain couldn't figure out the layers.  I have seen this with a few cartridges lately.  I think I am just going to need to get used to it.  is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the complex layers?  Am I alone?

I am one of those people that is NOT a visual learner.  I like to read the directions and create my own visual.  When I look at pictures telling me what to do I am actually confused... so maybe that is my problem? Who knows :)

All Sorts Challenge- circles (horse's back end ;) )
2 Sisters- On the farm... You would find a horse on the farm. Maybe not a blue one but a horse :)
Challenge Up Your Life- anything goes
Pause, Dream, Enjoy- Around the Farm

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Posts from the Past Day 2

This was another popular project on the blog in the past: 

Welcome to our blog hop!

This is your first stop!  Thanks for coming by!

This was my first diaper cake.  I actually found it to be far more simple then I expected.  The thing that took the longest was figuring out what to put in the center.  I used 20 oz coke bottles in the end :)

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project from the past Day 1

I apologize in advance for being heavy in pics for this post.  This thing is hard to photograph!

I went through the stats on my former posts and this post has been a popular one.  Here is a another post with a tutorial on making the boxes.

My intention with this explosion box is to give it to my daughter with her birthday gift. Part of me wants to add more to the box and part of me wants to leave it as is.  Decisions decisions.

The animals are all cute with Create A Critter and so are the words in the center.  I used one of my punches for the edging on the cover of the box, I didn't like my first cover at all!  The paper is all from a K&Company pack... and I LOVE it!!!  My sister and I worked on this together-  You can check out her  blog at Crafty Gator.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My blog feels.... neglected...

... and we just can't have that!  Lately I have had so much going on that getting pictures on my blog hasn't been a priority.  I MISS IT!  So, this week I am reposting some of the projects that have been favorites of people stopping by!  Then next week be prepared to see some fun new projects!

This week you won't see new projects because I am sitting here looking at this for the week-

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