Saturday, January 29, 2011

Name Sign

For my aunt's birthday I wanted to try out something I haven't done before.  She has a really cute house with lots of unique and tasteful things on the walls.  So I wanted to give her something personal for the house.
First I got a frame:
 The print on the scrapbook paper doesn't show up all that much in the pics.  Sorry about that!
I used the Base Camp font cartridge for the lettering and made it the correct size by using my Gypsy.    Then I cut the name out onto black card stock to see how it looked and to pick the background.  The background is just a design piece of card stock.  One thing that bothers me about this font when I look at the pics is the size of the "O"s... I find it odd that they are taller and this will make me crazy forever now!!!!  Anyway, once I liked it all I cut it on vinyl and used transfer tape to adhere the letters to the outside of the glass.  I find it important to mention here.... the transfer tape rocks my world!  I WILL be using this from now on when doing a vinyl project.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 3 of my blog- Party Hat gift bag

Day 3 of my first blog and I actually made something today too!  I am feeling accomplished!  Maybe I will make something tomorrow too... MAYBE I will be motivated to actually finish my scrapbook from 2001- now that is a hefty goal!
For the birthday party tomorrow I have decided to go from drab to... well... to something other than drab.  Here it is before... a nice INEXPENSIVE bag :)
 Still boring :(  (I had cut the pom pom top off before gluing it to the bag)  This hat is cut from the Celebrations cartridge.  I used the blackout feature for the blue.

I also cut some other sizes of the "pom poms" so that I could layer them.  It is hard to see in the picture but the 2 small ones are embossed with embossing powder.  I just wanted a little shine :)
 Not what I was hoping for.... I tried twisting up the pieces for dimension but still not loving it.

I like it with the star!  This made me happier.  Of course it is off center which I later had to fix before it drove me NUTS!!!
Are you sick  of my pics of this tiny silly little project yet?  I admit I just love taking pics of anything.  On this one I curled them up more and I like the dimension.
 Tada.... the final product.

Friday, January 21, 2011

What to do in a snowstorm- Layered Cake Birthday Card (Sweet Treats Cartridge)

Well, from outside my craftnook it looks like that!
 So what is a girl to do?  Clean, do laundry, shovel, catch up on the day job work not done, do one of those home projects I have been putting off for months????  Seriously, who wants to do that?!  So, I took a shower, put on a clean pair of PJs, spent a bunch of time on my new Nook toy, and started crafting.  Now, doesn't that seem like a better use of my time- I mean really! Hubby surely won't mind the mess, I will clear a path from the door to the shower to the fridge to the couch.  I may even lay the remote on the table by the couch with a beer for when he gets home- then he is far less likely to notice!
 I did this card with my new Sweet Treats cartridge that I scored at Michael's for $9.99!  I wanted to practice with layering and we have a birthday party this weekend so this was the perfect way to do it.  No fancy paper or anything but I think the colors are great- of course I am biased but I do like them.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first post!

So this blog thing is new to me.  I don't really want a blog so people will follow me, but I am following others and some say I need to link them in my blog.  So, to "satisfy" that requirement I figure what the heck why not make a blog.  I am sure 1 in 1000 things I say or do may have something of value for someone out there.  I think 1 in a million of my projects could be something someone would want to see.  Who knows!  I spend most of my time surfing the net reading the blogs of others and "borrowing" their ideas.  There are some FABULOUS ones out there.  My projects start out in my mind as incredible works of art, beautiful in every way.  Then, I do them and they have that look of "Oh how nice you MADE this."  You know what I am talking about, that look people give you when they are trying to be polite about what you have created and on the inside they are thinking- what IS this?

So hey here it is anyway...  ENJOY!  I am sure you will find some laughs as I share the trials and tribulations of a scatter brained mother trying to craft!
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