Saturday, January 29, 2011

Name Sign

For my aunt's birthday I wanted to try out something I haven't done before.  She has a really cute house with lots of unique and tasteful things on the walls.  So I wanted to give her something personal for the house.
First I got a frame:
 The print on the scrapbook paper doesn't show up all that much in the pics.  Sorry about that!
I used the Base Camp font cartridge for the lettering and made it the correct size by using my Gypsy.    Then I cut the name out onto black card stock to see how it looked and to pick the background.  The background is just a design piece of card stock.  One thing that bothers me about this font when I look at the pics is the size of the "O"s... I find it odd that they are taller and this will make me crazy forever now!!!!  Anyway, once I liked it all I cut it on vinyl and used transfer tape to adhere the letters to the outside of the glass.  I find it important to mention here.... the transfer tape rocks my world!  I WILL be using this from now on when doing a vinyl project.


  1. Again, another unique and simple idea. And you are starting to make me believe that maybe I can use vinyl too. I want to but I've been afraid of screwing it up. So far my cricut only knows paper. Looks like I'll have to challenge myself one day and give vinyl a try. (Yes, I have delusions of grandeur. I think I'm Martha Stewart, but it comes off more like Jon Stewart.)

  2. Denise, thanks for all your kind comments!!! I was SO SCARED of vinyl. So I started with a project on Dollar Store contact paper for my husband- I figured that was safe to mess up :). I have only done a handful of vinyl projects but have REALLY enjoyed using it. Contact paper isn't as cooperative but can be tons cheaper and I teach, therefore, I am all about cheap supplies!


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