Thursday, February 3, 2011

My daughter's project- Math Night Bookmarks

Good Morning!

I haven't posted in a few days but wanted to show you a project my 7 year old took on.  She loves the Cricut as much as, if not more than I do!  Math Night is coming up at school and they need bookmarks to see in the "store." We have always tried to express to our children the value of things you make with your own hands.  When we make things with our own hands we talk about, think about, and pray for those who receive what we have made.  As a mom, I love doing this with my kids.  It is entertaining and enjoyable to hear the things my kids share with me during those moments.  During the making of these bookmarks I enjoyed time hearing my daughter talk about how she prays for people and why she prays for them.  I walked away from this project thinking "wow, I have a cool and thoughtful kid."  What more can a mom ask for?!

Posting pics of my daughter on my blog still makes me weary. I like to live in the false sense of security that if I post only on Facebook her face is safe... I know I know.  So here you see only her little hands.


  1. It's very sweet how you craft with your kids. Plus, kids make things looks so easy. They just do it, whatever they feel like making and they're happy with the outcome. That's a good lesson we adult crafters can learn from kids.

    Also, I completely agree with your kids safety being priority, so don't worry about posting kid pictures. It's not needed. This posting was done just right.

  2. Love that your daughter crafts with you. I was always weary of putting kid's pictures on the web too. Your project reminds me of the hundreds of bookmarks I made for my classes over the years :)


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