Monday, February 28, 2011

Vinyl on Wall!



ANOTHER snow day!  The last day of February and we are getting dumped on.  At least I get a day off from work with my kids. :)

In my craft space (I can't really call it a room but it is a space I have taken over for my "stuff") the walls are just plain green.  Nothing really matches in there which drives my husband nutso!  I love it because it actually means he won't bug me when I am in there. ;)  I used Lyrical Letters, black vinyl, and my favorite- transfer tape!  For the MOST part this was fun.  The vinyl and I had a few discussions about staying put when I told it to.  We also disagreed on how to make it all look straight.  In the end I won and the vinyl is stuck where I wanted it.

So today I thought I would put a quote on the wall.  My mother is really good with finding quotes so I asked her to help me.  She found this one and I thought it was appropriate.  When I put it up my 9 year old said, "Yep, Mom that is you.  You have a lot of enthusiasm and you make great stuff."  Got to love that kid!

Giving credit- this quote was said by Earl Nightingale.

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  1. Looks wonderful and oh so true! Do you hire out? :)

  2. Like that quote. Looks great.

  3. Love it -- thanks for sharing it with us on my T.G.I.F Linky party :)


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