Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another name sign

There is someone on my shopping list that likes pink flamingos and golfing... how in the world can I tie that together I wondered?  My husband thought the idea of a flamingo driving a golf cart was ridiculous... so of course I had to make the flamingo drive the golf cart.  The person I was making this for has their "winter" home done in yellows, blues, and white so I wanted to bring in those colors.  Here is what the final product is...

Sorry about my reflection in the way here!  I also had to crop the heck out of it to hide the HUGE pile of laundry in the background... lots of laundry got washed this weekend while I crafted.  Of course it is all in the chair now.  I keep thinking MAYBE my husband will see that it is right next to him and fold it- hey a woman can dream right?!

This is not my favorite work I have done but it seems just right for the person I made it for, so I am going to go with it.

I used a regular frame that my hubby painted white for me.  Then for Cricut cartridges I used Life's A Beach and Everyday Paper Dolls.

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