Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Grinch on Canvas

this is on 2 pieces of 16x 20 canvas.  I think I am going to hang it with green ribbon between the 2... when I hang it I will update the pics!

I saw this on Etsy and HAD to do it.  Seriously, how fun is this?!  I love the Grinch and all things Grinch.

I used my Nursery Rhyme Cricut cart.

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Frosted Designs- Happiness is... Who new happiness better then those in whoville?!
My Sheri Crafts- Tis the Season

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday 2012 Cricut Deals

How many of you have been waiting for a good deal on your Cricut?

I am obsessive about Black Friday.  It is a bit crazy but judging by the weirdos I am in line with waiting for these sales each year I am far from the worst.

The days leading up to Black Friday are the best.  I pour over the released/leaked flyers looking for great deals- even on stuff I don't want or need.  Sound familiar?

Some of you are looking for Cricuts.  I wanted to post some of the deals I have seen here.

If you are a Cricut virgin here are some basics you need to know before buying.  Not all machines are created equal.  I never pay full price for anything.  Beneath each description I have included some sale prices I see out and about.  I personally wouldn't pay more then that price.

Types of Cricuts  (these are some basic comparisons there are other differences but I could go on forever and really who cares?):
Cricut V1 - You don't see these out very much anymore but I think some "special" ones are being released for Black Friday.  This is the simplest of the Cricuts.  It cuts in 1/2 inch increments starting at 1" going up to 5.5".  You use a 6x 12 cutting mat in this machine.
I have seen regular sale prices on this under $75.

Cricut Create-  Just like the Cricut VI except it cuts in 1/4" increments.
I don't see this one anymore.

Cricut Mini- This is a new machine.  I haven't used it.  Of course I am curious about it.  This one you need to hook up to a computer.  It cuts on an 8.5" by 12" paper.    It is a small machine because most of what you need is right on the computer and you hook it to that.
I have seen regular sale prices on this for about $100.

Cricit Expression-  Cricut Expressions are bigger machines and cut on a 12x12 mat at 1/4" increments.  It is very similar to the Create just bigger.  I don't care what anyone tells you- size matters in my craft room!
I haven't seen these around lately.  Given there is an updated version I wouldn't pay more then $175.

Cricut Expression 2- This is a newer machine it is an updated Expression.  This has a touch screen and updated capabilities and is more computerized in the machine itself.  I have this one and I love it.  I have used all but the mini and this is my favorite machine by far.  Of course, it comes with the bigger priced tag.
I have seen sale prices on this for $199

ALL machines come with some images so be careful if they are telling you that is an added bonus ;)  If it is I will indicate below.


Walmart Expression 2 bundle
Their price on this tomorrow is $199.  I think this is a good deal because it comes with a tool kit a $20 value and a spatula a $6 value.  Both of these are must have tools!

This one is one of the 1st 2 that I was talking about that you don't usually see for sale anymore-
Cricut v1 at Joanns
Priced at $89  (I think better deals can be found)

Amazon Expression for $169
This isn't a bad deal at all.  This is the first Cricut Expression.

Amazon Expression 2
They have 2 options here one without a starter tool kit bundle and one with.  It appears as though the starter kit is 2 bonus maps, a deep cut blade, and a spatula- well worth the $10 add on.
This is a reasonable deal.  I have seen it on the lightening deals this week for better so if you have time to watch it could pay off, no promises.

Amazon Cricut Mini $99

AC Moore has the mini for $88.  That is a great price if you are looking for a mini!
AC Moore also has an Expression 2 for $160-  nice deal on that too!

Mini Bundle at Walmart
This is only $99 and comes with the tool kit and some other options.  I think this is a better deal then A.C. Moore's if the $10 is free to spend ;)

Michaels has an Expression 2 for $179 and it looks to come with a bonus cartridge.  Not a bad deal on this.
They also have a mini for $99.
Michaels has a buy one Cricut supply get one for free.  That is a good deal.

Cartridges and More
They have some good deals going on here!
Expression $160
Expression 2 $178
Mini $99
Not to mention some cartridges on sale

So this is a ton of information I realize.  If i was buying a Cricut for someone that doesn't have one I think I would lean towards one of the bundles.  That way they have some fun essentials to get started.  If you have any questions let me know!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In this house we do

I keep seeing these on Pinterest and wanting one.  So I finally made one :).  I wish I had spaced it out better but now I know that for next time.  I used my Cricut, of course, and my Gypsy.  My two machines I can't live without.  I love that when I use the Gypsy I can mix all my fonts.

There are so many other things I wanted to include on it but 16x20 is just plain too small!  Of course some of the things we do I don't want in permanent paint LOL!  Pretty much our life between 6am and 7 am shouldn't be a part of it.  Of course everyone else has smooth mornings and bakes 5 course dinners at night.  I love all those FB status messages.  Mine are more like "Yay, I made it through the day and didn't lose my mind until 7!"

This is on 16x20 canvas.  I used Contact paper to make the stencil for the letters and painted them in.  It worked out well for the most part, I actually expected more of an issue with it!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monster Parts- Halloween Party

When my 6th grader came to me and said he wanted a Halloween party I was so excited!  I have an entire Pinterest board of ideas I told him.  He rolled his eyes and simply said "NO!"  Of course the crafty mom in me thought for sure I would be able to convince him that I could make things for his party.  He made it very clear I was to making NOTHING or craft nothing for the occasion.  I pulled out Cricut handbooks and rubber stamps to show him all the possibilities but I was denied again.  Clearly a crafty mom isn't as cool as speakers and Grooveshark :( 

Oh well :(  He did let me pull out some white vinyl and put a few ghosts on the side of the house.  (We were able to party outside because it as unseasonablly warm.)  He also allowed me to do ONE game.  He made that VERY clear.  So we played guess the monster parts.  I used my Cricut and white Dollar Tree contact paper to label buckets from the Dollar Tree.  My son helped pick out what to put in each bucket.  Then his friends reached inside to feel what was in the buckets.  It was dark when we played and the kids had a blast. 
Bones were pretzel rods, toes were mini pickles, eyes were semi mashed grapes, intestines was wet cooked spaghetti, toe fungus was crushed and mashed pinto beans and they smelled nasty which was perfect, and brains was Jello not quite completely set.

Lots of fun!  Maybe my daughter will have one next year and she will let me craft!
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