Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monster Parts- Halloween Party

When my 6th grader came to me and said he wanted a Halloween party I was so excited!  I have an entire Pinterest board of ideas I told him.  He rolled his eyes and simply said "NO!"  Of course the crafty mom in me thought for sure I would be able to convince him that I could make things for his party.  He made it very clear I was to making NOTHING or craft nothing for the occasion.  I pulled out Cricut handbooks and rubber stamps to show him all the possibilities but I was denied again.  Clearly a crafty mom isn't as cool as speakers and Grooveshark :( 

Oh well :(  He did let me pull out some white vinyl and put a few ghosts on the side of the house.  (We were able to party outside because it as unseasonablly warm.)  He also allowed me to do ONE game.  He made that VERY clear.  So we played guess the monster parts.  I used my Cricut and white Dollar Tree contact paper to label buckets from the Dollar Tree.  My son helped pick out what to put in each bucket.  Then his friends reached inside to feel what was in the buckets.  It was dark when we played and the kids had a blast. 
Bones were pretzel rods, toes were mini pickles, eyes were semi mashed grapes, intestines was wet cooked spaghetti, toe fungus was crushed and mashed pinto beans and they smelled nasty which was perfect, and brains was Jello not quite completely set.

Lots of fun!  Maybe my daughter will have one next year and she will let me craft!

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