Friday, January 21, 2011

What to do in a snowstorm- Layered Cake Birthday Card (Sweet Treats Cartridge)

Well, from outside my craftnook it looks like that!
 So what is a girl to do?  Clean, do laundry, shovel, catch up on the day job work not done, do one of those home projects I have been putting off for months????  Seriously, who wants to do that?!  So, I took a shower, put on a clean pair of PJs, spent a bunch of time on my new Nook toy, and started crafting.  Now, doesn't that seem like a better use of my time- I mean really! Hubby surely won't mind the mess, I will clear a path from the door to the shower to the fridge to the couch.  I may even lay the remote on the table by the couch with a beer for when he gets home- then he is far less likely to notice!
 I did this card with my new Sweet Treats cartridge that I scored at Michael's for $9.99!  I wanted to practice with layering and we have a birthday party this weekend so this was the perfect way to do it.  No fancy paper or anything but I think the colors are great- of course I am biased but I do like them.

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  1. This card is so fun! Love the colors :0) I didn't see the Micheal's $9.99 cartridge sale until I knew it was way too late. Checked it out just to be sure and yep, they were all gone. Looks like a fun cartridge!


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