Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 3 of my blog- Party Hat gift bag

Day 3 of my first blog and I actually made something today too!  I am feeling accomplished!  Maybe I will make something tomorrow too... MAYBE I will be motivated to actually finish my scrapbook from 2001- now that is a hefty goal!
For the birthday party tomorrow I have decided to go from drab to... well... to something other than drab.  Here it is before... a nice INEXPENSIVE bag :)
 Still boring :(  (I had cut the pom pom top off before gluing it to the bag)  This hat is cut from the Celebrations cartridge.  I used the blackout feature for the blue.

I also cut some other sizes of the "pom poms" so that I could layer them.  It is hard to see in the picture but the 2 small ones are embossed with embossing powder.  I just wanted a little shine :)
 Not what I was hoping for.... I tried twisting up the pieces for dimension but still not loving it.

I like it with the star!  This made me happier.  Of course it is off center which I later had to fix before it drove me NUTS!!!
Are you sick  of my pics of this tiny silly little project yet?  I admit I just love taking pics of anything.  On this one I curled them up more and I like the dimension.
 Tada.... the final product.

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