Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first post!

So this blog thing is new to me.  I don't really want a blog so people will follow me, but I am following others and some say I need to link them in my blog.  So, to "satisfy" that requirement I figure what the heck why not make a blog.  I am sure 1 in 1000 things I say or do may have something of value for someone out there.  I think 1 in a million of my projects could be something someone would want to see.  Who knows!  I spend most of my time surfing the net reading the blogs of others and "borrowing" their ideas.  There are some FABULOUS ones out there.  My projects start out in my mind as incredible works of art, beautiful in every way.  Then, I do them and they have that look of "Oh how nice you MADE this."  You know what I am talking about, that look people give you when they are trying to be polite about what you have created and on the inside they are thinking- what IS this?

So hey here it is anyway...  ENJOY!  I am sure you will find some laughs as I share the trials and tribulations of a scatter brained mother trying to craft!


  1. Are we twins? Because everything you just said is exactly what I've been thinking. The only difference between us, is you started your own blog. I have no clue how to start a blog! That's why I miss out on lots of opportunities because I have no blog to link to. Oh well, maybe some day I'll get up the nerve to figure it out.

    But I must commmend you for taking this leap and for saying what's on your mind. I like it! You sound exactly like me. Same thoughts, same sarcasm, same way of self ridicule. Keep up the good work! I just added your site to my favorites and I'm signing up as a follower too. Looks like I'm your first. Oh, how excited you must be. Not! LOL. Take care and have a good weekend.

  2. YAY a follower!!! I have only told a couple people in my "real life" about my blog because I feel so silly even having one. My sarcasm and off hand thoughts are so much a part of me there would be no way for me to blog without them. It is so easy to start a blog... try it out and send me a link and I will be your first follower!

  3. Girl, I just have to tell you that your comments make me laugh and say to myself "yeah, I'm not the only one who feels that way :)

  4. Jani, I am glad you don't feel alone... I know I feel alone in my ridiculousness a lot :)


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