Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project from the past Day 1

I apologize in advance for being heavy in pics for this post.  This thing is hard to photograph!

I went through the stats on my former posts and this post has been a popular one.  Here is a another post with a tutorial on making the boxes.

My intention with this explosion box is to give it to my daughter with her birthday gift. Part of me wants to add more to the box and part of me wants to leave it as is.  Decisions decisions.

The animals are all cute with Create A Critter and so are the words in the center.  I used one of my punches for the edging on the cover of the box, I didn't like my first cover at all!  The paper is all from a K&Company pack... and I LOVE it!!!  My sister and I worked on this together-  You can check out her  blog at Crafty Gator.



  1. This is amazing!! I've always wanted to make one of these but am too chicken to try!!


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