Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do I need a Silhouette and a Cricut?

So..... I have a Cricut or two and love them.   I am considering a Silhouette- does anyone have both? Do I need both?


  1. i have the cricut expression and i just recently purchased the silhouette cameo. i'm still learning all the things the silhouette does, but so far i love it. it cuts much cleaner than the cricut and you can cut really small images and still get a clean cut, something you can't always do with the circut. you can also get many images for free or purchase just the image you want for a lot less money than buying a whole cricut cart. i think it was well worth the investment.

  2. I've got the baby bug. Really useless at times and am opting for the Sizzix eclips.

  3. I have most of the cricut machines and yet I want a sillouhette SINCE there are so many cute svg's out there. I was on a DT BUT couldn't stay cause it was all her SVG cuts and I didn't have the options to cut them... after I realized I had to hand cut them (NOT..) SO.. I say - if you can get it.. get it. I want one, one day too!


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