Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free for the taking!

Last summer I saw this gem on the side of the road with a free for the taking sign!  I was SO EXCITED because I knew just what to do with this- I learned about it on Pinterest.

Now, for those of you who don't know me let me give you a little insight into my mind.  I don't do manly work.  By manly work I mean lifting, mowing, transporting cargo, shoveling, snow blowing... pretty much anything I don't want to do.  Now, I don't think I am too good for it.  I am not lazy.  I just don't DO it.  I married the perfect man that would truly rather I don't but that comes with me being responsible for inside the house stuff.  I digress.  Anyway, I don't do lifting and taking trash off the side of the road.  However, my dad and husband do.  I mean this was one hot gem.  So I found myself rapidly dialing both of their phone numbers for them to pick it up ASAP!  I mean this was going to go fast and I was going to be very angry if it was gone.  So of course I told them it wouldn't fit in my SUV.  I am still a bit fuzzy on if it would or not but clearly it is WAY too heavy for me even if it would fit ;).  So, understanding my sense of urgency regarding the matter,  knowing I am a complete spaz and wouldn't let him forget if it was gone, my husband rushed right over to pick it up for me.  He was disgusted and told me there was NO way it was going in the house.  I plead with him, but it was FREE!  Of course he made some comment about how I say things are free but they always end up costing money- men!  So I was DETERMINED not to spend a penny on this baby.  I succeeded.

So, it sat in the garage for a year, under a bunch of hubby's stuff.  I finally made him pull it out for me a couple weeks ago.  Remember, I don't do man's work.  So he had to put it in the house for me and all ;).  I did manage to dust it and wash it but he had to rough it up.  He wanted to put an oak top on it but his router died mid project.  I insisted I wanted it now anyway.  Patience is a virtue yes, but I have never been accused of being super virtuous so phew off the hook on that one.

So on Pinterest you see all of these fabulous projects.  I found one with scrapbook paper modge podged to the front of drawers.  So I painted it white and tried it.  Yeah, not loving the look at a all-
Still determined not to spend a cent I got some brown glaze out of the garage to dim the whiteness.  YEah, my son accidentally dropped the entire thing all over the floor! YIKES!  So I used left over paint from another project.
I need to touch up a couple of white spots ;)

Not perfect but not bad.  Check it out the door on the bottom right fits 12x12 paper!

So do you know what project that paint is from?!
It is the paint from my cabinet makeover!  Remember that? See it here.

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