Monday, June 17, 2013

Wedding Days

I need help with photos.  How do I take good photos of my cards?  Seriously I need help!

This week at Fantabulous Cricut it is all about weddings.

I always have a hard time with wedding cards and sympathy cards.  I am not a "frilly" person and they both always seem to be like that.  This card is for my husband's cousin and it didn't feel right to make them something frilly, not their style either.

A long time ago I picked up some old dominoes at a yard sale.  I KNEW I would need them in my craft room one day.  Guess what... I used them today!

Do you ever start with inspiration from one thing and come out with something totally different?  Sitting on my craft table I had some damask paper left over from another project I am posting later this week.  So I was determined to use that on the card.  Of course I didn't but everything flowed from that one scrap!

I used Accent Essentials for the black piece and the plus sign is Makin' The Grade.  I had an "= 2" but took it off because I didn't like it.

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  1. Fun wedding card, I really like the color combo. OK some tips for photos---take your pictures in natural light, but not direct light. On the floor to the side of the window is a good spot. (Just don't let the sunlight shine directly on it) Place it on a solid white background, large piece of 12x12 paper, or posterboard, and stand over it when you take the pic. Also looks like you may what to size the pic to medium or large for your post...hope these tips help if you need any more ideas email me, my link is on my blog!!! ;)

  2. Pretty card! I love the embossing and the beautiful flower! Great tips by Missy!
    Sherrie K

  3. Very very pretty card love the 1+1= very cute ! I am now a follower of your blog ! And thank you very much for visiting my blog also !!



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