Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CTO Birthday card must use metal

Have you run a soda can through your Sizzix?! Yep, you can do it. It MOSTLY works. However, after slicing my finger... I went with tinfoil ;)
Honestly, not loving this project.  It was one of those that just made me insane through the entire process ;)  I was so glad it was done I just left and and said good enough!  Although, I will never give it to anyone because I hate it :).


  1. Don't care what you think I love it!!! The whole thing done in metal is so different and I haven't seen many projects like it. Good on you for thinking out the box. Thanks for a great DT job. I loved entering this challenge and on my entry there is a sliced finger too! x

  2. Nice card. The metal gives it a masculine feel. I ran into the same problems when I tried to use soda cans. I opted to use the foil liners that my pain patches come packaged in. (That also gives me something to look forward to when I put the patches on...more craft supplies :)



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