Thursday, October 20, 2011

Show and Tell and Guest Designer

Welcome Lilia!  She has done an amazing project as a part of my guest designer series!  Check out her project below!!!  PLEASE visit her and send her some blog love!
Make sure to link up a project of your choice at the end!!!
Here's my short biography. 
I came to Canada 6 years ago from Ukraine with my husband and my 2-years old son, who is now 8. Thirteen months ago I had another son, and while on maternity leave we lived thru a fun and creative year. My passion is in translations and interpreting. I speak several languages such as English, Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian. I even haven't lost my French yet, which I knew perfectly before, but now I have fewer opportunities to practice it.
I always loved crafting.  Art was always a big part of my life.  During my childhood years I did a lot of different crafts, such as floral arrangements, paining, cross-stitching, card making and even some food carving. But as the time went by I departed from most of it retaining only cross-stitching as my main and favourite hobby.  I fell in love with card making long time ago, although became more serious about it only around Christmas time last year. I started with embroidery on paper, and then moved to simple cards with embellishments.  After trying stamp colouring I fell in love with it and now I have to use stamps on my every card, otherwise it looks unfinished. 
Thanks to my husband’s support I have a few evenings every week that I can devote to my favourite crafts.  While he is watching the kids I enjoy the time of creativity. It is my stress relief from bad days and cranky moods.
And my project.
It is a wedding gift for my friends. I used it as a money gift box, although it was made as a memory box for the couple to use after their special day. 
I worked on it one night, going to sleep at 5 am happy and satisfied that I finally had time to create something special and personal. Somehow this couple on the stamped picture reminds me my friends, newlyweds. 
The box has an easel card attached on top, so it can be used as a decoration. 
I haven't heard from them since their wedding and can't wait to find out whether they liked this gift or not.


  1. Lovely project! Isn't it more special when you make it yourself :) I am sure they must have appreciated it.


  2. Welcome Lilia, fabulous Project!!! I got mine linked up too.
    Eva :0)
    I have a giveaway on my blog

  3. Lilia made a great project! Thanks for the opportunity to share our projects,too!

  4. Thank you for all your lovely comments, girls!!


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