Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ok blogger friends... how many of you at one time or another have obsessed over your blogger stats?  Yeah, me neither wink wink.  Funny thing is that my most popular post of all time was a bulletin board I did for my classroom.  So why not start a teaching blog, I mean really there aren't enough out there already.  If anything I am hoping it holds me accountable to trying new things just like this blog has done.  So if you want to follow me you can check me out Kraziness in Kindergarten.  If you have no desire to follow it you can just lie to me and tell me I am wonderful anyway hehe. 

See you there, maybe ;)


  1. Awesome! I totally check my stats every day.

    Hope your new blog does great too.

  2. I think blogging is a great way for teachers to pass on ideas and thoughts. For too many years (this is coming from an almost-old-enough-to-retire teacher) we were stuck in our rooms with little or no outside input. This is a wonderful innovation! Good luck! Don't forget to incorporate some of your crafting into what you do!


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate all feedback. Don't forget to follow me if you like what you see! PLEASE give me a link to your blog too so I can pop on over easily!!!

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