Monday, October 8, 2012

Help me get a pencil sharpener!

Ok so this is a shameless plea for money.  I know it sounds crazy and none of us really have extra money. However, if you can spare a dollar or two I would REALLY appreciate it.

I just started a new grade with my teaching this year.  I inherited a classroom with 3 broken pencil sharpeners.  Someone gave me the one I left in my old room.  I have also purchased some inexpensive ones.  Needless to say we are in the 2nd month of school and I no longer have a reliable working sharpener!

So I filled out a project on DonorsChoose.  Any funding I get this week Kia is willing to match if I can get all my funding this week.  Please check it out right here.  It only takes a minute to visit and think about it.  PLEASE :)

I started a new blog for my teaching... it is small and only has a few entries so far but you can find that here.

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