Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vinyl in the bathroom- less laundry?

I hate laundry.  There are a lot of things I would rather not do but laundry is something I HATE.  Of course I have kids and a husband who just don't seem to understand that.  One would think with my CONSTANT whining reminding they would commit it to memory.  Somehow in my house we go through 9 million towels a week.  I wish I was kidding but it is insane.  I also believe I am going to lose my sanity over this.  We have a teeny tiny bathroom that we redid awhile ago.  My husband took out a closet that was next to the bathroom and made the bathroom longer.  Then he moved the toilet and sink and gave us more space.  However, it is still a narrow space with no storage.  So hubby put this shelf up for me to hang towels from.  Well, nobody ever uses the towels that are hung on the hooks because they are so paranoid that the towel has touched another person's body before theirs.  So, FINALLY I put labels on the hooks.  Now they can hang their towels and have no fear that their towel touched another body!

Of course in my happy bubble this means there will never be a towel on the floor again and I will no longer need to wash a load of towels each day.  However, reality always has a way of kicking my butt!

I used Don Juan cartridge with my Cricut and repositional vinyl.

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