Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Sympathy Card

If you saw my previous post about the sympathy card then you got the background on this one.  I made this one as simple as possible after my husband told me the other one was too flash.  I do believe he was wrong but sometimes it is good to let them think we are taking their advice ;).

One thing about death is that the rest of the world just keeps going on around you and you want it all to stop.  I remember my first trip to the grocery store after my sister died.  Someone got in line in front of me and was very pushy.  I just started bawling there in the middle of the store.  I couldn't believe the woman had been so insensitive to my pain.  Of course she had no idea what I had on my heart but when you lose someone so close to you you expect the entire world to understand the pain.  Then I try to flip it around and remember that everywhere I go there is someone feeling that immense unconsolable pain.  That feeling of complete loss and lack of understanding.  With social media we are more aware then ever of the up to minute (sometimes annoying) aspects of everyone's lives.  However, on my "friends" list very few people are posting about their actual pain, the depth of their sorrows.  Who can I be to those people?  How can I be a better person for those in need?  When my friend's dad died I just felt HELPLESS.  There was nothing I could do.  No pain I could erase.  No burden I could ease.  I send a card but really at the end of the day I just wanted her to know, "Yes, I care.  Yes your pain is real.  Yes it SUCKS!" 

Sorry for the long rant today.  Death and loss are too real for me to gloss over it, as is the case with many of you. We shouldn't let death define who we are but instead let it empower us to be a light in someone's pain.

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