Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Explosion Box- Step by Step How to with pictures

A few of you asked for this via comments on my blog and emails.  I LOVE that I can share some quick easy steps with you so you can make your own!!!  If you have other questions or suggestions on how I can do these better PLEASE let me know!

BASIC supplies
-- 4 pieces of double sided card stock.  3 must be 12x12 and one has to be 7 1/2x 7 1/2 or larger.
I highly recommend at least two pieces of "stronger" paper for the outsides.  I use Bazzil basics. 
-- Paper Trimmer
-- Scissors
-- Adhesive
-- Something to score the papers
Then you will want embellishments and other papers to dress up the "pages" in your box.

Cutting the layers

1. Set aside the piece you want to be the bottom outside of your box.
2. Cut one sheet to 11x11
3. Cut one sheet to 10x10
4. Cut one sheet to 7 1/2x 7 1/2 (this will be your box cover)
You should now have 4 sheets cut at different sizes.
Scoring the layers

1. Score the 12x12 sheet on all four sides at 4".

Be sure not to go all the way through the page.  That may seem like common sense, however, I manage to do it EVERY time.  IN fact, I just did it trying to prepare the one I am doing for these instructions!

What you end up with looks like a tic-tac-toe grid.

2. Score the 11x11 sheet on all four sides at 3 3/4" on each side.

3. Score the 10x10 sheet at 3 1/2 " on each side.

Cutting the 4 corners

1. On each of the 3 papers you have scored you are going to cut the four corners off.  I use my paper trimmer for this because I can't cut a straight line even if it has been scored.

The cover

1. Take your 7 1/2x 7 1/2sheet and score it at 1 3/4" inches all the way around.

2. Cut in on 2 sides only.  Cut opposite sides until the lines meet.  I have NO IDEA how to put this into words so check out the picture :)

3. Fold in those tabs and put a ton of adhesive on them then form it into a box.  Again, see the pics on this one.

Put your lid aside again.  If you used glue you can put some paper clips on it to make it all stick well.

Take your box layers back now.
1.  Take your smallest one and flip it upside down.  Apply adhesive to the center square only.

2.  Stick that layer onto the center layer.

3. Apply adhesive to the back side of your 11x11 piece, center only.

4.  Stick that middle layer to your outer layer.
YOUR BASIC BOX IS NOW DONE!!!!  You should be able to close up the box and stick the lid on it!

All you need to do now is decorate!

I am going to put how I am decorating this one here for you.  If you care to read it all ;)

I save all those squares I cut off.  I may reapply them in places while decorating.  Because I used all solids for my box layers this time I am using patterned paper for decoration.

1. Cut a bunch of squares to put on the box layers.  I cut at 3 3/4 (4 of them), 3 1/4 (8 of them), and 2 3/4 (8 of them)

2.  Adhere your squares to the cards.  I do front and back of each panel. (With the exception of the outside of the box.)  This sounds silly, but again I have made the mistake, always put your adhesive on the smaller of 2 pieces.

This step is when I realize that despite my best efforts nothing is straight.  I cure this issue with a chilled glass of Moscato.

After all this I put a tag in the middle and stamped it.  This is a thank you gift for someone who helps me out in my classroom.  I put a square on the panels and I am going to have my kids sign on the blank squares.

Thanks for checking out the directions.  Let me know if they work or don't work for you!

Color challenge, at least yellow, lavender, pale green, and rose at Claudia and Company
Thank you with tag Celebrate the Occasion


  1. This is super super cute. Please enter in CTO. I was just doing my comments and just happened to see that you have it on your blog, but did not enter. Thanks for joining in on the fun at CTO, btw.

  2. Awesome job, thanks for playing @ CTO!

  3. What a great take on the challenge!! I love explosion boxes! Great job!! :)
    Thanks for joining us at CTO!!


  4. What a great box and tutorial! I love the colors. Thanks for playing at CTO!

  5. What a great tutorial, I will be trying this out soon.


  6. What a COOL project!! Thanks for sharing it with us for the Claudia and Company Challenge!

  7. Thanks for the tutorial! Your box came out awesome!

    You beat me to it but there is a blog award on my blog for you... :)

  8. Wow, you did a fantastic job on your project, thanks so much for Celebrating the Occasion with us!

  9. So great and what a wonderful tutorial you shared! Thanks for joining us this week @ CTO :)

  10. Beautiful colors and a super idea and tutorial
    Great job on the challenge.
    Thanks for joining us this week at CTO

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  12. Wow you did a great job. Thanks for joining us at CTO!

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  14. what a great tutorial and box!! thanks for playing with us at Claudia and Company! Joy DT

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    Linda :)

  18. Wonderful tutorial!!! Thanks for playing along with us over at Claudia and Company!

  19. What can i use to score if I do not have the tool in the picture ?


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