Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project for my son's door

Hello again!

My husband says I am a blog addict.  What does he know?!  Seriously, is compulsively reading blogs and working on projects to post an addiction?!  MEN!  The great news is today while playing with sanding some new cardstock I was able to watch him fold laundry ;)

Some friends and I started a "Cricut Club."  Now, if you read through my other posts you realize, and can see that I fully accept and admit, that I am a geek.  So, this club suits me just perfect ;)  One of the craft stores has generously allowed us to use their classroom to meet in.  Which in itself is terribly dangerous to the wallet.  ANYWAY, today our project was vinyl on glass.  You will also learn quickly that I do love vinyl.

I made this sign for my son's wall.  The frame was on clearance for $1.98!  The paper is from the "All About Boys" scrap pad.  I think that was DCWV.  The "Rick" is cut out using my Cuttin' Up cartridge.

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  1. Good to know I am not the only blog addict out there. Good thing is I encourage my husband is his hobbies so I get my blog/crafting time without any issues!! :) Great project.

  2. My husband says the same exact thing! I've decided his golfing habit is the same, he just can't participate in it as much in winter :) Love your project! I'm excited to start following you. Can't wait to see what you make next!

    Tiffany -

  3. LOL! I can sooo relate to the blog addiction. Great idea about the Cricut club.


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