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My Core’dinations Creative Frenzy

It has been quiet on my blog this past couple of weeks because I have been super involved in a few projects that you will find below.

Just a warning.  This is a LONG post!  I have also provided links to other posts in order to make this a bit easier to load for people.  Below each project description you will find some step by step directions and links for further information on how to do the projects I did.  PLEASE email me if you have questions!

So without further ado here is my post for today!

Is all cardstock created equal?

I have become totally addicted to Core'dinations Cardstock.  In fact, I went into the local craft store last week and talked to the store manager about how we need more of it!  Wait until you see EVERYTHING you can do with it!!!

Here are some recent projects I have created with their cardstock.  After showing the pictures I will take you through more detail on each project and provide links to instructional posts.  I like to make things a little outside the everyday items:)  Also, when creating for challenges, hops, and other things I like to create something I actually NEED to create and not just random things.  So with each project you will see why I found that project something I should make. (There are 3 projects this blog focuses on.  At the bottom are some images and links to recent projects using Core'dinations.)

Ok one project at a time here .  
First let's talk about the super cute owl banner!

To give you an idea of how much Core'dinations dresses up your project check out this image.  I created the banner without Core'dinations and then I did it again using Core'dinations.  How can you NOT want to run out and buy some now?! :)

Regular cardstock

 Look at how much it POPS when you use the Core'dinations!!!!

* Stacy Julian's Happy Colors Core'dination pack.  You can see it online here.
* Cricut cutting machine
I have a Gypsy and find that I use many cartridges on one project.  This project could be adapted to use with fewer cartridges.  I just like to play with all of them. :)
* Paisley Cricut cartdidge for the owls
* Accent Essentials Cricut cartridge for the flowerlike things over the rosettes
* Celebrations Cricut cartridge for the banner flags
* A Child's Year Cricut cartridge for the lettering.
* Sandpaper (I used 150, 180, and 320 depending on the effect I wanted.)
* Fiskars Shapeboss and "stars" template
* Adhesive of your choice
* I used patterned paper (American Girl) for the rosettes, although I think more cardstock would rock here too!
* Ribbon to hold banner up.   I bought SUPER CUTE ribbon for this and realized as I went to take the photos it wasn't long enough :(

So, how did I do it?!
1. Cut my flags on the Celebrations Cricut cartridge.
2. Changed the size of the flags and cut them again using the embossed Core'dinations cardstock.
3. Sanded each of the words I wanted to pop on the flags with 180.
4. Created the rosettes. For a tutorial on how I did that click here.
5. Cut out the flower shapes from Accent Essentials also using Stacy Julian cardstock.  I then sanded those using 150.  
Here is a pic of what this looks like sanded and unsanded... both look awesome.  The pic doesn't show it as well as it does in person but you can get the idea.  In the pic you will also see "regular" cardstock as a comparison to how different it is.

6. I created the letters.  The letters were embossed using Fiskars Shapeboss which works awesome with the Core'dinations cardstock. For a tutorial on how I did the letters and more information on the embossing and sanding click here.

7. I made the owls using scraps from the other parts of the project.  I LOVED part.  I used 320 for sanding on the owls.

8. Glue it all together and VIOLA I have a very happy 7 year old!!!!

Now, let's talk CAKE!

 Is that yummy enough for you?!  Each "slice" is filled with a yummy treat too :)
My son opted to go to a special themed hotel for his birthday this year instead of having a party.  He picked the Jungle Room.  So I thought I would make him a fun "cake" to match the room.  Here is his jungle cake!  I can't wait until he sees it.
* Core'Dinations paper.  I used Stacy Julian's Happy Colors.  I also used papers from Core'dinations Ebony & Ivory package.
* Cricut cutting machine
* I used the following cartridges: Animal Kingdom, Everyday Paper Dolls, Tags Bags Boxes & More, Zooballoo
* Adhesive
* Sandpaper (150)
* Green ribbon
* Treats to put inside the "slices"
* A cake "topper" (I found this in a pile of animals in one of the bedrooms.)

So, how did I do it?!
1. Cut all the boxes.  For a tutorial click here.
Grass layer:
1. Took the green paper for grass and sanded it lightly to give it some texture.

2. Cut small slits in the top and then tore down to create the blades of grass.

You will also want to tear the tops at a slight angle so you don't have straight edges for the top of your grass.
You can see that a couple in the middle are done here and the outer ones I have not done yet.

Doesn't it look cool when you tear it?!  I love that it isn't white but gives another shade of green to the project!
3. Then I cut my snakes from Everyday Paper Dolls (thanks to my Gypsy and the search feature!) and drew on them some.

 4. Weave the snake in and out of your blades of grass.  Then adhere it to your cake slice.

Tree layer:
After doing the snake layer I came up with the idea to make a "band" around the cake with decoration.  There are pros and cons to each way.  However, I wanted a continuous look on this layer with monkeys swinging from a vine and it helped to make the band.
1. Measured and cut strips to make one long band to go around this layer.  I LOVED the brown color of the cardstock.  I am a huge brown person and this layer was filled with different shades all from Core'dinations!  
A little hard to see on my wood floor :).  This is the strip I created.

2. Sand down the cardstock to give it treelike texture.
On the left you can see the texture you get when you sand it!  Both ways are fabulous but I am on a roll with sanding.
3. Cut the monkeys and monkey layers out using Zooballoo.  For the paper on the outside of the monkey I used my first "Black Magic" paper from Core'dinations.  You can check out that collection here.
With Core'dinations the color strip you see along the bottom is what your "core" of the cardstock is.  So this is what will come out when you sand, tear, or emboss.  This just looks like a hot cup of coffee to me and wonderfully fabulous, so it became the outside of my monkeys.  In the bottom right of the pic you see what I used for the monkey bellies.  
4. I sanded the monkeys because fur has some dimension and I thought it added to that.  I did NOT sand the yellow shadow cut on the monkeys because I wanted to keep it nice, bright, and simple.
5. After creating my monkeys I used mini glue dots to put ribbon on my strip to be a vine.  I then placed my monkeys on the vine.

(I am a teacher and can't help but think of the fabulous trim ideas for my bull. boards with this stuff!  This is the perfect size!)
6. I attached the monkey band to my cake.
Sky layer:
1. Cut strips of blue paper from Core'dinations to make a blue band for my sky layer.  I sanded these very lightly (320) in an upward curved motion.  It made me think of clouds.
2. The Ebony & Ivory set I mentioned first includes some Whitewash collection, which you can check out here.  Click here to see the Ebony& Ivory collection.  I took a piece of the whitewash with a blue core to make the clouds.  I freehand drew them and then cut them with scissors.  I probably could have just used my Cricut which didn't occur to me until I started writing this!
Whitewash piece I used.

 3. I lightly sanded the whitewash to give it a softer look.  You really can't tell in this picture but in person it does make a difference.
4. I cut the parrots out using scraps from my other projects with Core'dinations.  I LOVE my scraps :)
5. I used my glue dots and put everything on my top layer.
Phew, what a project!!!  I love how much this cardstock does for me without needing patterned paper.

How about a simple card to top it all off?

* Black magic paper and coordinating sheet from Core'dinations.
* A few pearls for bling
* Cricut Machine 
* Cricut cartridges Forever Young and Gypsy Wanderings
* Adhesive
* Sandpaper (I used 150)

So, how did I do it?!
Let me start by saying, this project was so EASY!  It took me longer to decide which girl to use from the cartridge then it did to make the card.
1. I cut the girl out and the sentiment. (This includes the dress layer and the dress)
2. I cut the piece of black magic paper I wanted and scored a straight line down it about a half inch in.  Then I tore along that scored line to reveal the pink core.
3. The top layer of the dress is the same cardstock that is on the left of the card.  I just sanded it down to reveal some of the core.
4.  Added a bit of bling and there I go! 

I have a bunch more cards I need to make over the next couple of weeks so be watching for more Core'dinations!

A few of my other Core'dinations projects if you are interested: 

Easter Card


  1. Wow! You've been busy! Your projects are awesome! Thank you for the great tutorials! You are right about the cardstock, this core'dination make your projects more vibrant and the details do pop out! I love it!

  2. LOVE the banner and "cake"! I am seriously going to do something like these:)


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