Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tags, Bags, Boxes & More- cake slices

If you saw my cake here and wanted a tutorial on the cake "slices" you are in the right place.  If you haven't seen that post check out my cake!  There are step by step directions on the link I just provided if you are interested.
For the slices I used the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More that I got FREE with my Gypsy.  This was my first time using it successfully.  I actually found this to be easy!
* Each layer has 10 slices.
* The first layer is cut at 9.15 high according to Gypsy
* The middle layer is cut at 8.
* The top layer is cut at 7.

I did one layer at a time.
1. Cut the slices on your Cricut.
2. CAREFULLY following the scoring cuts that come out on the paper.  I make sure I am working in plenty of light to see those small cuts.
3. I use my Cricut bone scorer in my paper trimmer well to score every piece of it that requires it. If I remember right there are 8 lines to be scored per slice.
4. Fold up on each line and crease it well.
5. I used double sided tape to adhere the box together.
6. Stuff the box with goodies and close it up.

These were much easier to make than I thought they would be!

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